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Amazing Ryoho teacher  Alena- Yoga About You
Amazing Ryoho teacher Alena- Yoga About You
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Short story about my yoga path.
I started yoga around 7 years ago.
Everyday headache, high blood pressure and as result doctor said that i need to start to take medicine to lower my blood pressure.
Huge issues with back due 14-16 hours a day in front of computer and for sure absolutely not healthy diet.
All this together bring me to situation where I have to select to start medication just to try to manage symptoms
I had an option to start to do something with my body, life style to change the reason of the issues and not manage the symptoms with medication.

Today after 7 years of Ryoho Yoga classes, I forgot about headaches, forgot about every 2 months visits to chiropractor.
Yoga does not only changed my body, it changes my mind as well.
In many areas I opened the whole new world around me again. I started to do martial art, I started to feel what is happening around me.
As result of this, my diet slowly changed to healthier option with less and less sugar and meat.

In my experience Yoga is the must to start to feel yourself good.
Many of my friend joined me in this journey.

I started with one Ryoho Yoga class a week and now doing 2-3 classes a week.

Yoga today is my life style which makes me feel good, which allow me to enjoy my other journeys in this world

I am doing yoga with Yoga About You in Narrabeen and also yoga classes on the beach in Collaroy (amazing venue ;) with fresh air and amazing view).

Yoga about You in Narrabeen Contact details and address (if you want to join and change you life):

phone: 0406 707 207



You can read a bit more about Ryoho Yoga here

It is amazing when you get back link between you mind and body and I enjoy this connection more and more every day. Yoga is a life


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Date: 11/03/2019


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